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Intoduction to Blockchain Technology

 In 2008, the publication of blockchain as the basis of decentralization had the first place but this cryptocurrency proved a boon for the exchange of peer-to-peer information in the safest, efficient and transparent.

The blockchain system is a public ledger that works as a newspaper holding a record of all online transactions in chronological order, guaranteed by appropriate consensus mechanism and provides a fixed folder. The tokenization of real estate is also done with the help of blockchain technology.  

Its outstanding features are immutable, irreversibility, decentralization, and individual resolution. With these advantages, it has found applications in almost all fields requiring data sharing between several parties, but with secure authentication, anonymity and performance.

Some of the best applications are the finance, real estate, and IoT, banking, etc. Despite several advantages, the blockchain also suffers from various drawbacks, including reaching consensus in a large fast network, the energy consumption in the calculation, and requiring the storage verification string. Here we discuss blockchain and his work in his principles.

Over time, the information and communication technology has undergone many changes to facilitate easier, faster, safe and efficient sharing and exchange of data, information and funds in several ways. With the spread of the Internet, digital communications have emerged, empowerment of all forms of data and information exchange through online transactions, such as financial transactions to make payments more secure and receive funds.

The entire transaction system and communication through a trusted intermediary that guarantees not only safe and secure delivery, but in the case of financial transactions, ensures accurate change is reflected in several accounts.