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Printing and Mailing – Promoting Your Business Vs Saving the Postal Service

As we all know, the United States Post Office is experiencing some problems – facing billions of dollars in losses and kicking around some ideas to cut costs – limiting shipments on Saturdays, or just sending every other junk mail (just kidding about that last bit). You can easily go for print and mail outsourcing via www.townemailer.com/printing-mailing-services/

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USPS came to rummaging through his tin cups during the months of the Big Bailout in 2009, but the FBI had paid all their bailouts to GM and AIG.

So the Post Office is in trouble. How can you help? Well, you can by no means pay attention to the biggest cost of doing a postcard / postcard printing project: postage. It is always the biggest part. Go crazy! Ignoring shipping costs can be your way of helping USPS: squandering hard-earned dollars by sending letters in the most expensive way possible.

Isn't that what you want to do? Not?

Alright then. Let's assume that you want the Post Office to recover, but you yourself don't want to finance the entire recovery. Let's assume you want to save money on your mail instead.

How? Design postcards taking into account shipping costs.

The design of your postcard – keeping in mind a few details about the postal rate – will give your printing and shipping efforts much better.

The most important point is making sure your postcard is one that is legible, not just thrown in the trash or used to line the bird cages. We discuss more about that in another article, but one very important thing is repeated here:

Keep simple. Don't try to cram too much information into one postcard. You might have 499 extraordinary products in your product line, but trying to cram information about each item onto a postcard won't make them stand out. Choose one and hit the drum (short) for that one, or just talk (again, brief) about how great your company is.

Well, about the damn shipping cost.

Standard small postcards, at 4 "x 6", are usually enough real estate to convey your message and tell your recipient what you want them to do (call, email, visit your website, etc.) and 4 "x Card 6 "treated well by the post office – in terms of cost, how to handle it, and how quickly the card got there, i.e.

Small 4 "x 6" postcards are shipped with first class delivery, which is definitely a good thing. But unlike regular class letters, currently pegged at 44 ¢ per sheet, 4 "x 6" postcards have their own rates, 27 ¢ – or even 23 ¢ if you send them as bulk mail (more details on how to do this in future articles ).