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How Sensor Technology Revolutionized Dairy Industry?

Advanced technology has made things easier today. The use of sensor technology and agricultural automation is done so that agriculture can get more benefits. In agriculture, the use of smart sensors is done for precision agriculture.

You can even keep up to date with environmental factors. The use of sensors helps in understanding plants at the micro-scale. Even reduce the environmental impact to a large extent. And why only agricultural agriculture, even dairy farming has experienced major changes due to improved technology.

Tracking devices and sensors are attached to a cow so that bone builders can track the level of activity, health, and important behaviours of cows. The use of smart sensors also helps animal identification, heat detection, and monitoring animal health. With health monitoring, sick cows can be separated from other herds and cared for.

Mastitis in the cattle is a major area of livestock management. Mastitis is the main endemic disease of dairy cows. This causes inflammation of the mammary glands and inflammation of the udder tissue. Disease transmission can be through milking machines or contaminated hands.

The sensor effectively detects mastitis early – this decreases the chance of losing milk. Hence, inflammation in cows treatment  can be done easily Problems like ketosis needs to be treated in cows. If this problem is not treated, cattle with ketosis will automatically stop breastfeeding.

mastitis in cows

To feed the increasing global population and overcome the problem of labour shortages, the use of agricultural robots is generally carried out by most farmers.