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Showdown between Traditional and Digital Marketing


For a business to succeed, marketing is the most important tool. It helps to grow the business and generate profit. In today’s world, there are 2 types of marketing; traditional and digital.

Traditional Marketing – This is the oldest form of marketing where few companies still use. This type of marketing includes methods like, adding ad banners, advertising, brochures, door-to-door marketing etc. Traditional marketing is all about; advertising via banners, posters, wall painting, newspaper and door-to-door.

Digital Marketing – This is the newest form of marketing that has taken the world by storm. Digital marketing is all about promoting a business, product or service on digital platforms.

These are some of the differences between traditional and digital marketing –

  1. Communication – Communicating with customers has become far more easier and quicker thanks to digital marketing over traditional.
  2. Reaching Globally – Although, both forms of marketing do help a business to grow globally. However, digital marketing helps to grow quicker over traditional.
  3. Work – Digital marketing can be done by an individual from anywhere. For instance; the individual can do it from home, hotel, and coffee shops. All it requires is a PC or laptop with internet connection.
  4. Time – For promoting a business, digital marketing reaches to maximum crowd in less time.
  5. Money – You don’t need to spend a fortune for digital marketing. All digital marketing requires for a company is to choose the tools required for promotion.
  6. Potential – Technology is getting faster and thanks to this, digital marketing has more potential for growth.

If you wish to get digital marketing done for your company, then look for digital marketing packages offered by the agency you choose.