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Best Restaurants to Try in Tokyo Japan


Without visiting Japan, one cannot say how beautiful and awesome this country really is. And when it comes to food, one needs to be physically present in Japan in order to try some of the best delicacies that can only be found here. Tokyo is a very popular city in Japan and also known to be the capital. This city has tons of activities and sights to offer to all tourists. Since Japanese food is so popular, these are some of the restaurants in Tokyo you need to visit.

  1.  Kotaro – Kotaro Hayashi is the main head chef of Kotaro restaurant where he makes some of the finest, innovative and delicious food to all. The restaurant offers a live view of how a kitchen runs on a daily basis to all customers. Keep one thing in mind though, as you cannot just enter this restaurant. It requires reserving a table where you can only get one if reserved a few weeks or months prior.
  2. Ginza Kojyu–This is a restaurant that offers Kaseki dining experience; which means meal cooked by a friend or loved while visiting their house. This restaurant some of the best service you can find in Tokyo.
  3. Bar Benfiddich–If romantic atmosphere is what you are looking for, then visit non-other than Bar Benfiddich. It has a cozy interior vibe where newly-weds or couples can have a great time. Come early as this place gets flocked with locals and tourists.

These are some of the best restaurants you should visit during your time in Japan. Grab your best Japan land tour today.