All About Car Magnet

While car magnets are, for the most part, a fairly-simple car sign product, there are some common questions that potential customers often ask about them. Here are some of the most frequent questions customers need help with concerning car magnets.

First, make sure your printing company sells magnets with rounded corners. This process makes the magnets much more aerodynamic and prevents air from catching the corners of the magnets and pulling them off the vehicle.

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Once you receive your magnet, make sure it is completely flat before you apply it to your vehicle. If you book your magnets online, they may be rolled in the delivery tube. Taking your magnets out of the tube and flatten them in the refrigerator for 24 hours before installing them on your vehicle.

 Finally, make sure your vehicle and magnet are both completely clean before installing-dirt or dust between the vehicle and the magnet can cause a fall. Apply your magnet for the flat, smooth area of the vehicle without curves, folds, or trim pieces.

What is the most popular size for car magnets?

The size of the magnetic car most frequently-ordered 12 "x24" for cars and 18 "x24" for vans, trucks, and SUVs. There is no standard size for magnetic signs, however, because every vehicle is different.

It's important to measure the area of your vehicle before you book your magnets to ensure you get the right size. As mentioned in the previous question, the magnet cannot cover folds or trim in the vehicle door, so putting them into exposed areas available.