Build a Small Business Network to Help Your Business Succeed

As a small business owner, you often feel alone, even when surrounded by many people. How is this possible? The answer is that many small business owners save their own business challenges.

They don't want employees, or customers, or suppliers, or family and friends for that matter, knowing that they have business problems that might be difficult to manage. If this describes your business environment, consider building a business network to help you manage challenges and grow your business.

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What is a small business network? In this case, it is a network of similar or different small businesses that work together to help each other solve their business problems and also to help each other manage and grow their business.

Let's examine examples of small business networks for similar businesses:

A group of eight to twelve business owners in the same industry but in locations that do not compete form a peer business network. They gather (either face-to-face or online) on regularly scheduled days and times (maybe monthly or quarterly) to discuss their small business strategies and problems and they each request, and get, feedback from other group members. – all experienced business owners of similar businesses.

Some discussions may focus on human resource issues such as training, recruitment, dismissal, turnover rates, and comparative wages or salaries.

Other discussions might be about general customer-centered problems such as turn around, over-promising and under-providing, quality, service, and handling difficult customers. Some sessions may focus on business planning, marketing planning, sales planning or the results of the plan.