Facts About Long Distance Movers In Roanoke

The moving industry is very huge in the United States. Every year, statistics indicate that about 40 million Americans move. All the moving is supported by a huge multi-billion industry. With all those people moving every single day throughout the year, there is some interesting data that is generated. This data is available on the internet for one to take a look at before engaging in any kind of moving operation. This is what Long distance movers in Roanoke entail.

Being informed about industry trends and statistics gives one the ability to make a more informed decision and to avoid some obvious pitfalls. To start with, the industry has approximately 16, 002 service companies in operation. Seven thousand of these companies are registered members with the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). These companies operate out of 13, 900 locations around the US.

Companies that are members of the AMSA operate some 32, 000 tractors and 50, 000 trucks. The trucks and tractors are used to haul semi-trailers and straight trucks. About 47.8 percent of the companies that offer moving services are small companies that have less than five employees. Companies that employ more than 100 workers in this industry make 8.5 percent of the companies.

This industry has experienced a lot of growth in the past few years. In 2018, the rate of growth was 2.8 percent. Even though the industry is enormous, some states contribute more to it than others. The highest density of moving services is provided in the states of Texas, Florida, California, and New York. Top moving routes are New York-California, California-Arizona, California-Washington, New York-Florida, and California-Texas.

The cost that clients are charged for services varies depending on the distance, season, weather, type of items being moved, and state among many others. On average, one should expect to pay 2, 300 USD for an interstate move. Interstate household moves cost about 4, 300 USD. Local movers charge 25 USD on average.

Many reasons make people to move from one place to another. According to statistics, renters tend to move more often as compared to homeowners. People who relocate to new homes make 16 percent of all movers. People who are transitioning from renting to owning their own homes make 7.3 percent of all moves. On the other hand, people who are trying to find cheaper housing make 8.3 percent of movers.

Most moves occur on Fridays. Saturdays and Sundays come second in terms of the most moves. People of the conducive conditions in summer, sixty percent of all moves take place during the dry summer months. The number of moves reduces gradually during winter, with the least moves happening in December. December accounts for 6 percent of all moves. Most moves take place in June and that is when the rates are highest too.

When one is thinking about starting a moving service, they should start by understanding the statistics involved. This will allow them to understand where to situate the company and the kind of services to provide. Knowing the busiest months of the year will also enable one to tap into the potential and grow their business.